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Hillside Project Mining Conditions
Mining Lease Application and Proposal Response Document

Hillside Project Mining Conditions

On 16 September 2014 Rex Minerals (Rex) accepted an offer of mineral tenements under the Mining Act 1971 for the Hillside Copper, Gold and Iron Ore mine near Ardrossan on Yorke Peninsula.

The South Australian Government through the Department of State Development (“DSD”) has released an assessment of Rex’s mining proposal and the ensuing terms and conditions of the mineral tenements that have been accepted by Rex. 

To view the Government’s assessment, its conditions and frequency asked questions, follow the link below:

For Rex’s mining lease summary and frequency asked questions, see information below:

Mining Lease Summary

For further information in understanding Hillside’s Mining Lease conditions see the link below.

20140916_Mining Lease Summary

Frequently Asked Questions

Since Rex Minerals Ltd (Rex) began exploring on the Yorke Peninsula (YP) a diverse range of questions have been raised, the most common being will there be jobs and when will the mine begin. More recently, the questions have been more about types of opportunities, changes in infrastructure, scale of the operation, concerns about social and environmental impacts, mine life and the end use of the mine and associated infrastructure. In Rex’s extensive and open consultation with the community, regulators and investors there have been many and varied questions about the Hillside Copper Mine (Hillside).  In most cases these questions have been responded to individually and the most common questions that may be of general interests to a wider audience are included in the link below.

20140916_Frequently Asked Questions



Mining lease application

The Mining Lease Proposal and Management Plan (MLP) for the proposed Hillside Copper Mine (Hillside) was formally submitted for assessment on 26 August 2013 and placed on public exhibition.  The call for public submissions was made for a period of 6 weeks from 12 September to 24 October, and subsequently extended by a further two weeks ending on 8 November 2013.  This was a formal consultation held by the  Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy (DMITRE).  It remains available for public viewing online at:,_gold_and_iron_ore_project/chronology_of_rex_minerals_hillside_project_application_and_assessment/rex_minerals_hillside_copper,_gold_and_iron_ore_project_proposal

Mining lease proposal response document

DMITRE forwarded Rex all ‘non-confidential’ submissions throughout the consultation period as they were received. This commenced 12 September 2013 with the final set of submissions delivered to Rex on 25 November 2013. Throughout this consultation period, DMITRE assessed the submissions and forwarded to Rex any issues or clarifications raised, that were not addressed in the MLP to DMITRE’s satisfaction.



Each of the submissions received on the MLP was reviewed by DMITRE and issues were extracted and consolidated into a list of 196 technical issues for response by Rex. The 196 points provided to Rex on 3 December 2013 were divided into two categories, issues raised by the State Government (from 1 – 99) and issues raised from members of the public (from 100 – 196). These 196 points can be viewed online at:

Rex has prepared individual responses to the 196 questions. The Response Document provides clarification and/or additional information required to enable a comprehensive assessment of the Hillside MLP by the State Government and represents a culmination of almost three years of community consultation, public forums, community input and regulatory review.  It is not generally a requirement of the regulatory approvals process for Rex to publish this Response document.  However, as part of our commitment to continue to remain open and transparent Rex has published this document below:

Statutory Consultation Response
Appendix 2_Air_Quality-Caterpillar_Haul_Road_Design_and_Management
Appendix 4_Air_Quality-Dispersion_Modelling_Update
Appendix 5A_Air_Quality-Design_of_Haul_Roads_Kaufman_Ault
Appendix 5B_Air_Quality-Design_of_Haul_Roads_Thompson_Visser
Appendix 5C_Air_Quality-Waste Rock Testwork_Phase1
Appendix 5D_Air_Quality-QLD_Rainwater_Sampling_Procedure
Appendix 5E_ Air_Quality-Eurofins_Accreditation
Appendix 7_Closure-Hydrogeological_Summary_Report
Appendix 18B_Geochemistry-AMD_Test_Work_Phase2
Appendix 21_Geology-Mineral_Identification_Report
Appendix 22_Geology-Figure_5.16-1_MLP
Appendix 23A_Geology-ASX_and_Media_Release_28June2013
Appendix 33_Noise-Noise_Memo_Annoying_Character_Penalty
Appendix 38_Radiation-Radiation Dose Assessment Jan 2014
Appendix 39_Radiation-Baseline_Radiological_Assessment
Appendix 43A_Soil-Antamina’s_Copper_and_Zinc_Concentrate_Pipeline
Appendix 43B_ Soil-Ramu_NiCo_Long_Distance_Pipeline_Operation
Appendix 43C_Soil-Slurry_Pipeline_System_Simulation_and_Validation
Appendix 49_TSF-PFS_TSF_Design_Independent_Review_Report
Appendix 68_Water-Exploration_Water_Management_Plan
Appendix 137_Geology-Fibrous_Materials_HSE_Cert_of_Analysis
Appendix 145_Native_Vegetation-Acacia_Rhetinocarpa_EPBC_Referral
Appendix 150_Noise-Noise_Memo_Noise_Emissions_from_WRDs


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